A JavaScript library for processing and displaying neurophysiological signals.


Allow users direct access to your open data signal collection or dataset through a web browser.


Annotate signal collections using a standardized interface without the need for any dedicated software.


Use interactive examples from real patient cases for medical or data science education.

Key aspects

Below are the key aspects of the EpiCurrents project.

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Use on any device

As a JavaScript application, EpiCurrents can be used on any device that runs a modern web browser. Individual features may be limited by device capabilities, such as the amount of memory available to the application.

Leverage Python and AI

Python’s powerful data processing libraries can be employed to transform and preprocess the signal data. ONNX (Open Neural Network eXchange) machine learning models can be used to analyze signals and results can be displayed alongside the original signal data.

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Open source and free to use

EpiCurrents source code is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license, which allows for free non-commercial and commercial use. Anyone willing to contribute to the development of the project is free to do so by committing additions or alterations to the source code repository.

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Latest from the blog

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  • ECCN 2023

    ECCN 2023

    EpiCurrents was featured on the European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology 2023 in the form of a poster presentation. In this post you can find the main points of the presentation and the original poster file.

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  • EpiCurrents site has launched!

    EpiCurrents site has launched!

    This is the new EpiCurrents site. In the future, you can find documentation, released versions and all the latest information regarding the project on this site.

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